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2 Year Professional Program in Paint Technology & Allied Science (PTAS Classroom)

2 Year Professional Program in Paint Technology & Allied Science (PTAS Classroom)

The 2 Year Professional Program in Paint Technology & Allied Science classroom program (PTAS- Classroom) was introduced for students, working professionals, technologists etc. to attain best & quality education from beginner level to advance level in paint coating domain. While striving to elevate the profile of the industry and building the global job market for paint coating professionals, This super specialization program focuses on:

  • Meeting industry needs for workforce certification programs
  • Pursuing global consistency of certification requirements
  • Raising industry and public awareness of the purpose and benefits of certification programs
  • Supporting employment of certified professionals

One also studies about High Performance, Anti- Corrosive Paints used in factories & industries. As a Paint Technologist one will have to work in large number of areas.

  • Paint Technology is the discipline in which one studies about the various ingredients – resin, polymers, pigments etc. that are used in making paint.
  • Paint technology involves understanding the chemistry of the functions of each ingredient going into the paint and the effect on the final property of the paint.
  • In Paint Technology, we study about the different kinds of paints, their manufacturing, the use of various kinds of paints and the techniques used for the application of paints.
  • Paint Technologist explains to the customers about the right usage of paints and identifies new markets for the products.
  • Their work also involves developing new colors and textures of paints, new techniques for the application of paints etc.

In this program we will study about the basic concepts of paints & advance technology used by Paint & Automobile industries globally.

The aim of this program is to provide complete knowledge of paint, coatings & its allied sciences.



1st Semester: (6 Months)

Module 1: An Introduction to Paints & its Application.

Module 2: Production & Manufacturing of Paints.

Module 3: Solvent, Thinners & Diluents in Paint Industry.

Module 4: The Various Types of Coatings.


2nd Semester: (6 Months)

Module 1: The Science of Rheology.

Module 2: The Coating Technology.

Module 3: Emulsion & Paint Additives.

Module 4: Basics of Powder Coating & Electroplating.


3rd Semester: (6 Months)

Module 1: Powder Coating Methodology.

Module 2: Paint Formulation & Process.

Module 3: Polymer Science.

Module 4: Coating Material & Surface Coating.


4th Semester: (6 Months)

Major Project Work & Thesis submission.


Note: All modules carry equal maximum marks i.e. M.M 100 with minimum passing marks in each module is 45 & major project carry M.M 300 with minimum passing marks 135.

Program Duration: 2 Years

Program Eligibility: +2 | Working Professional | Graduation (in any disciple)


Program Fees:

Indian Candidates:    INR2,50,000.00 (or INR70,000.00 per semester)                                                           

SAARC Nations:        USD7000.00

Foreign Candidates: USD11000.00

 Examination Fees: (Per Module)

Indian Candidates:    INR1000.00

SAARC Nations:        USD60.00

Foreign Candidates:  USD100.00 


Key Features:

  • Latest updated & complimentary study kit for all enrolled students via Post.
  • Study material is designed as per the global standards. 
  • Online live classes by the expert professors of subject on zoom or any other feasible plattform. 
  • Free acess to weekly webinars.
  • One-on-One interaction of students & faculty.
  • Online examinations & result declaration.
  • Upto 100% placement assistance.
  • Scholarships for deserving candidates & corporates. 


 Career Prospects:

  • Senior Paint Manager
  • Senior Paint & Coating Analyst
  • Manager Production & Development
  • QA & QC Engineer
  • Paint & Chemical Supervisor
  • Senior Chemical Testing Engineer
  • Production in-charge
  • Paint & Corrosion Technician