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Advance PGD in Leather Technology (PGLT)

Advance PGD in Leather Technology (PGLT)

India’s leather industry is the fourth largest in the world which not only offers attractive products to consumers in India but around the world. Offering attractive career choices, leather industry in India has lot more potential which can be tapped once more investment is done and latest technology is brought in. Crucial facts about leather technology is that the leather industry till recently entertained experienced professionals as there were no academic or research institutes in leather technology; however, the modern requirement to implement latest technology to produce fine range of leather product forces to set various institutes which can teach about leather and use of technology to produce effective and suitable leather products.

Leather technology is fast changing and it is crucial to keep pace with the latest developments in the field. A specialization program in leather technology is essential to make an impactful entry into the industry. The courses in leather technology are designed to cater to the specific requirements of the industry and enable a candidate to fit into a specific job.


Module 1: Introduction to Leather Technology.

Module 2: Leather Production Process.

Module 3: Leather & Its Substitutes.

Module 4: Tanning & Post Tanning Process of Leather.

Module 5: Leather Microscopy & Bacteriology.

Module 6: Footwear Technology.

Module 7: Organization & Management of Leather Manufacture.

Module 8: Principles of Environmental Science & Engineering.


Note: All modules carry equal maximum marks i.e. M.M 100 minimum passing marks in each module is 45

Programme Duration: 12 Months | 1 Year

Programme Eligibility: Graduation (in any disciple)

Programme Fees:

Indian Candidates INR12000.00
SAARC Nations USD350.00
Foreign Candidates USD550.00

Examination Fees: (Per Module)

Indian Candidates INR500.00
SAARC Nations USD30.00
Foreign Candidates USD50.00


Career Prospects:

Job prospects are quite attractive for those who have excellent designing skills combined with mental ability and artistic finesse. Moreover, creativity with uniqueness adds value to the skills of the leather designer and he can reach out to clients with such skills. Coming up with fresh ideas, concepts and designs are some key characteristics required in a leather designer. The Indian leather industry is growing at fast pace and can accommodate any number of professionals.

Jobs ranging from designing footwear and accessories like belts, bags, purses and caps to toys, upholstery, baggage, musical instruments, garment tags, gift items, etc are umpteen in various export houses. Leather technologists can get jobs in chemical and engineering industries involved in the manufacturing of items such as bags, suitcases, upholstery, footballs and cricket balls, car and aircraft seats, hydraulic seals, gaskets, etc.

International Focus

Candidates with excellent designing skills can opt for overseas jobs which are in plenty. The US and UK require leather technologists who can work in reducing pollution level caused by the manufacturing process. Similarly, professionals working as designer for leather accessories have plenty of job options working with numerous leather products manufacturing firms. Major advantage of working in overseas leather companies is that candidate gets attractive salaries and high standard of living.