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Industry Diploma in Coating Inspection & QC (Level 1) (DCIQ)

Industry Diploma in Coating Inspection & QC (Level 1) (DCIQ)

Quality Control in Paint Coating - Our flagship training program for more than a decade, the AIPS GLOBAL coating inspection courses set the international standard for inspections in the protective coatings industry. Companies worldwide recognize and specify the AIPS GLOBAL Coating Inspector Program the most because its comprehensive curriculum produces knowledgeable inspectors who have learned a skill set for fieldwork and a solid coatings foundation that strengthens the industry overall.

This specialization course introduce specifiers, applicators, inspectors, blasters, manufacturers, owner’s representatives, and technical salesmen to the basics of corrosion control, paint application and inspection, and project management in a way that results in billions of dollars in cost savings.


Who should attend?

Although specifically designed for coating inspector trainees, this course benefits anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of coatings application and inspection. This includes:

  • Program/project managers and engineers
  • Quality assurance/control managers
  • Contractors and specification writers
  • Coating manufacturers and technical sales representatives
  • Fabricators
  • Paint applicators and blasters
  • Maintenance personnel


Learning objectives

  • Give examples of corrosion fundamentals such as properties of a coating, coating classification and modes of protection.
  • Recognize coating types and curing mechanisms.
  • Recall coating specifications including service environments and coating life cycle.
  • Differentiate surface preparation equipment, methods, and standards for abrasive blasting, solvent cleaning, and power and manual tool cleaning.
  • Differentiate coating application by type, including brush, roller, mitt, and conventional and airless spray.
  • Demonstrate inspection procedures.



Module 1: Fundamental knowledge of Corrosion.

Module 2: An Introduction to Paints & its Application.

Module 3: Paint Formulation & Process.

Module 4: Environmental Pollution & Control.

Note: All modules carry equal maximum marks i.e. M.M 100 minimum passing marks in each module is 45

Program Duration: 12 Months

Program Eligibility:  Graduation (in any disciple) , Working Professional

Program Fees:

Indian Candidates INR14000.00
SAARC Nations USD400.00
Foreign Candidates USD600.00


Examination Fees: (Per Module)

Indian Candidates INR500.00
SAARC Nations USD30.00
Foreign Candidates USD50.00