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Careers Automotive Coating & Surface Coating Technology

Careers Automotive Coating & Surface Coating Technology

Career in Paint Technology

Get jobs in paint automobile sector after diploma in paint and make your career in paint technology with AIPS. At AIPS we believe that attitude is what makes a person successful and not lone skills so we provide career in paint technology and offer part time diploma in paint and coating technology. The search for a perfect associate for AIPS starts at analyzing the attitude of the candidate. Skills, however, are something which can be developed as per the requirement. Conversely, if the right attitude is not there in candidates, who are seeking entry into AIPS, then this is certainly not the place for them.

To be successful, an organization needs to identify the problem areas which exist and make your career in paint technology. More often than not, the resolution to the problem lies with hiring the right resource, which has the capabilities to work out the solution for the organization. The problem can be perceived as a lock and the resource can be perceived as a key. Unless and until, the key is right, it will not open the lock, similar to a business situation where a business issue will not be solved unless the right resource works on it. Similarly AIPS looks for the perfect key to open (solve) the lock like problems, which comes in its way to achieve even greater heights.

Part Time Diploma in Paint & Coating Technology

“We are a demanding and highly supportive employer”

AIPS offers part time diploma in paint and coating technology to compensation career oriented program paint and coating technology, which is not only higher than the industry standards but also illimitable for deserving candidates. It offers an entrepreneurial environment along with corporate outlook in a right mix to help its employees grow in all three dimensions: Intellect – Career – Money.

To ensure a smooth induction, AIPS offers a specialized induction program for its teaching and non-teaching staffs. Institute has a well defined employee development and support system.

Our operational experience has helped us identify following attitudinal traits, which forms scale for selecting associates:

  1. Commitment and Dedication
  2. Team player
  3. Loyalty and Reliability
  4. Passion and zeal to excel
  5. Leadership
  6. Systematic approach
  7. Industriousness
  8. Fun-loving

For more details interested candidates for build there career in paint technology can mail their respective CVs to us.