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Directors Message

Directors Message

Dear Aspirants, 

Globalization is the latest trend. Global boundaries are vanishing, merging people of diverse culture, nationalities and age groups. For a ‘boundary-free’ world education is emerging as the most powerful medium. Education is the back bone for the development of any country. With the rising population and increasing cost of living, it is not possible that everyone can reach out to standard and quality education. The Government of India, therefore, took an initiative and introduced Distance Education for those who were unable to receive education or had to leave midway due to different constraints.

Advance Institute of Professional & Technological Studies (AIPS GLOBAL) was established in year 2000 with the dream of providing quality education and globally acclaimed programs to equip the students with thorough knowledge of the novel and latest techniques of vocational programs.

As the Director of AIPS, it is my duty and responsibility to reach out to maximum students & spread education till the smallest & darkest of corners. I, along with my team, have pledge to set new standards for education, spread the values of the founders of ‘AIPS’ far and wide and to contribute in building up of a stronger nation.

“We welcome each one of you to be a part of the AIPS family’ where latest technology, innovative teaching methodologies and quality education are blended together to create unique learning experiences.”


Dr. Amrita Singh

M.Sc  Ph.D

Polymer Chemistry