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Advance PGD in Automotive Coating & Corrosion Treatment (PGAC)

Advance PGD in Automotive Coating & Corrosion Treatment (PGAC)

ADVANCE PGD IN AUTOMOTIVE PAINT COURSE COATING & CORROSION TREATMENT is super specialization program on corrosion & its management within the global auto industry. 

Environmental conditions can play a significant role in corrosion, but the causes can also be traced back to manufacturing processes, and treatment is a sizable sector in its own right. Corrosion is a worldwide crusial problem that strongly affects natural & industrial environments. Todat it is generally accepted that corrosion & pollution are interrelated harmful processes since many pollutants accelerate corrosion & corrosion products such as rust, also pollute water bodies. A variety of solutions are in play within the industry, and some of the leading protective coatings are discussed in this automotive paint course program.



Module 1: Automotive Coating, Application, Design & Quality

Module 2: The concept of Automotive Paint & Coating

Module 3: Coating Material & Surface Coating

Module 4: Fundamental Principles of Corrosion

Module 5: Corrosion Damage, Prediction & Assessment

Module 6: Corrosion Control

Note: All modules carry equal maximum marks i.e. M.M 100 minimum passing marks in each module is 45

Programme Duration: 12 Months

Programme Eligibility:  Graduation (in any disciple) , Working Professional

 Programme Fees:

Indian Candidates INR16,900.00
SAARC Nations USD450.00
Foreign Candidates USD650.00


Examination Fees: (Per Module)

Indian Candidates INR500.00
SAARC Nations USD30.00
Foreign Candidates USD50.00

 Career Prospects:

  • Senior Paint & Corrosion Technologist
  • Senior Corrosion Analyst
  • Production & Development Manager
  • QA & QC Inspector
  • Senior Supervisor
  • Corrosion Engineer
  • Paint Shop Engineer